Best known as the "Oscar Mayer Bologna Kid" playing the role of the young fisherman singing his famous jingle, Andy, now at age 28, has always been quite the entrepreneur. With over 20 commercials to his credit, several feature films and many television interviews and variety shows throughout his youth, Andy's media exposure taught him much about business, and led him into the sales and advertising arena where he has become an owner of several businesses over the years, including import/export, wholesale, retail, and technology services.

At the age of thirteen, Andy was given his first computer. Within one year, he started his own consulting business called Masterworks, and operated a popular bulletin board system known as MasterWorld Online. Computer users near and far utilized the many services which Masterworld provided. Throughout the years, Andy performed computer consulting and desktop publishing services for various clients. In 1984, Masterworld users introduced Andy to the Internet using a gateway known as "Telnet." It was here that he received his first exposure to the "Net" years before the World Wide Web was established.

In the late 80's Andy developed a successful marine and tropical aquarium company which started out as a hobby. Within two years his business grew to a point which required a full time staff of employees to service the large commercial accounts. WM Aquarium Design was born and serviced many large companies such as the Hughes Family Market chain, the Red Lobster Restaurant chain for Southern California and others. At one point, Andy had over 350 accounts. He then developed an extensive database program used for WM Aquarium Design billing which he later sold with the company.

In 1994, Mr. Lambros created a retail store called WM Adventures, a unique retail store specializing in exotic animals and environmental gift items. Located in the Promenade Mall of Woodland Hills California, the retail store was a very exciting venture. The same year, Andy sold the store along with the aquarium business and started DNA Computer Concepts, with wife Dawn. The two partners offered graphic and desktop publishing services, which then branched out into web design and development.

DNA Concepts led to the formation of CyberWeb, an Internet Presence Providership, located in Chatsworth, California. This experience has allowed Andy to master programs such as Photoshop, Director, Authorware, Pagemaker, Quark, Illustrator, Logomotion, Framemaker, Word, Excel, Word Perfect, Premiere and many others. He has learned platforms such as Windows, DOS, Mac OS and a good comprehension of Unix. Andy is also proficient in html, java, cgi, perl and lingo, and has strong networking and system administration skills. Experienced in multimedia, Andy is a talented graphics artist skilled in audio and video conversion. His wide range of advertising, sales, technical and artistic experience gives him the ability to successfully market large and small businesses on the Internet, and also allows him to offer graphical projects, games, CD-Rom presentations and more.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Andy attended California Polytechnic University of Pomona, as a Computer Science Major, and completed his education at California State University of Northridge with a degree in political science and a minor in economics. He is actively involved with the acting profession, and assists his wife in child talent management.

Andy is involved with several different charities, and has worked closely with handicapped children, animals, and environmental groups providing educational entertainment for them. Andy main goal is to teach today's youth the importance of maintaining and caring for our environment.